Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Arrivals! (Oh This IS Fun!)

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These necklaces are made by a good friend of mine.
I have caught her before she hits the mainstream!
oh lucky me ;)

 "Four Girls In Jeans" 

(shh top secret, she is brand new)

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She has designed these just for my CowGirl Sugar pendants.
The center has an easy access for a bail and a pendant.
Or you can wear them alone.
Who wants to wear the same thing?
Nope, you know we like to keep it fresh and new.
Mix and Match, and that sort of thing.

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(She has been on a top secret mission) 
 Tommorow while our husbands, rope we will be working on descriptions.
 I will have prices and information on all the beauties then.  
I know..
(patience my little Sugar Cubes!)

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Can you stand it?

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Chunky Turquoise Squares!

(click on image for larger view)

Jade... squares...?

Ok Now you see why I am waiting for Four Girls in Jeans to write her own descriptions?
(Oh and I may have a few more...)

Now for something I know about.
My Pendants!
Yep it is true, I have them for sale.

These are the 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 size
Beveled glass on the front side, flat glass on the back.

I have designed each one of these, down to the very last detail.
It takes me anywhere from an hour to almost two hours to design these babies.
Feel confident if you buy one, you will have the only one.
I may use the same picture twice or saying.
But each one will always be one of a kind.   
I will gaurantee that.

(click on image for larger view)

"Precious Gal Pals"

Well of course is there any other kind? This has peach and red tones. 
I designed this with the thoughts of my good gal pals in mind.

5 CowGirls are the center of this pendant.
Embellished with all my little findings!

(Click on image for larger view)

"A Womans Place is in Control"

Well YEAH?!
(Ok it doesn't hurt when you are looking down the barrel of a Gun!)he he

(click on image for larger view)

"Hotter Than A $2.00 Pistol"

Oh! This is my favorite!
I know it's sold, but I use the picture and will use different embellisments.
Don't worry.
 Remember I only sell original pieces, no two are EVER alike. 
But "Hotter Than a $2.00 Pistol?
C'mon there are alot of us out there...
I mean alot of you, you out there. he he

(click on image for larger view)

"Long & Lean"
(Back )

(click on image for larger view)

This one shows the true grit of a CowGirl.

"Pick yourself up dust yourself off"

(click on image for larger view)

"And Show Them How it's Done"

Yep we have all had to "pick" ourselves up in some way or another.

Ok that is all for now, but please check back as I will be adding new inventory as I can.
Thank you for all you encouraging words. I hope I can make something that makes you smile.
See you soon!

 Oh I almost forgot! I have my Etsy store open! CowGirl Sugar Click on the link on my side bar.
It should whisk you down the Sparkly Rhinestone Road!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well.... Here goes

(click on images for larger view)

Leather Cuff with Heart

Leather Cuff
1-3/4" wide with double snap closure  
Cuff measures 7-3/4" long
(will be a little shorter when worn due to the snaps)

Small studs hammered on both sides

"Side View"



(click image for larger view)

"Lucky Lady"

Brown Leather Cuff
1-3/4" wide with double snap closure
Cuff measures 7-3/4" long
(will be a little shorter when worn due to the snaps)

This original wrist cuff will surely bring a smile to your face, and maybe even a little luck? 
3 Small Green Rhinestones on each side 4- 4 leaf clovers & a horseshoe?
Looks Lucky...

Only 1 available

(click image for larger view)


Brown Leather Cuff
1-3/4" wide with double snap closure
Cuff measures 7-3/4" long
(will be a little shorter when worn due to the snaps)

This is a pretty red and yellow floral pattern.
With a total of 5 flowers wrapping around your wrist

Only 1 available

(click on image for larger view)

"Love Faith & Loyalty"

This is one of my very favorites so far.
I have painted a red heart with wings and a crown.
To me nothing is more comforting than to have "Faith" Love, and Loyalty daily.

Handpainted on a thicker leather.
This cuff measures 1-3/4" w 9" in length
It sounds long, but due to the thicker leather &  snaps it won't be when you are wearing it.

Only 1 available


Yep I will paint on just about anything! Hey I know you have seen handpainted sunglasses before? Or Cute glasses that you would like to have untill you see the price? Well I have too!
So why not? I decided I would give it a whirl.
These are black sunglasses, with the larger lens look. 100% UV protection.
They won't stop a bullet, or inable you to leap over tall buildings.
However you will be the ONLY one with this particular pair.



(If you would like to purchase anything you see here, leave a comment as to which one you would like. I have an Etsy account but haven't got that far yet. I am set up to take paypal now. Thanks for looking. )


Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to my new place!

Welcome to my new project. (We will see how it goes;)
I have had this idea for quite some time now.

"CowGirl Sugar"

It is my way of "accessorizing."

I can count the times I have found something I would love to have, only to be disappointed by the price. I want something that is quality, without the empty purse.
I know I am not the only one either.
So I make most of my trinkets.
I have had several people ask about them when I am wearing them.
They want to know if I have a website? Well here I am.

Many of you know that I make pendants.
I have several really nice boutiques (ahem Blossom ahem, thanks Amy) here in town that are so kind as to carry them.
I have also been busy making a few other items.(oh the suspense)
I will be offering all of these little accessories here.
For you, or whoever... Even if it's just window shopping.
So in a few days I hope to have photos of some of my "sweets"
I may consider taking custom orders. And all of my pieces will be originals.
(Unless otherwise stated.)
Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you.


"CowGirl Sugar"